WYFY bridges the offline-to-online gap.

WYFY is a WiFi-Marketing system that works with the network that you’re already paying for! Our system integrates seamlessly with your existing provider and is up and running within 5 minutes or less.

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WYFY Guest WiFi Marketing

Start by plugging your WYFY router in to your existing modem.

We’ll send you a WYFY router – plug it in and your customers can connect to fast, free and secure WiFi. And you can start connecting with them.

Get Online
WYFY Guest WiFi Marketing

Using WYFY, customers then get online using your free, public WiFi  by entering their email/social login.

We’ll turn your free, public WiFi into a contact collecting powerhouse. Customers will be required to login using their email/social login through your new, custom branded WiFi hotspot portal. All this data gets logged into the WYFY dashboard.

Using The Data
WYFY Guest WiFi Marketing

Use the WYFY dashboard to measure your business’s customer return rate and view customer data.

All customer data is logged in your WYFY dashboard. The WYFY dashboard contains analytics about return customers and all demographics of customers who logged onto your free, public WiFi. The WYFY dashboard can automagically email customers as well as export them to your favorite email marketing tool for your own use.

Automated Marketing
WYFY Guest WiFi Marketing

WYFY can automatically send targeted emails to your customers with requests for a review, coupons, and more.

Want to send a review request to customers for your favorite review site? Sure. Want to send out coupons after a customers first visit to encourage a return? No problem. By the way, did we mention this all happens automatically? Just tell us what campaigns you want to push to customers and we’ll make the magic happen!

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WYFY Guest WiFi Marketing

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